Assisted Living Researching Tips

Researching an Assisted Living Facility is a difficult and complicated process.  The decision to move involves many factors including financial, lifestyle and health care needs and preferences.  In addition, the emotional factor can never be understated. Learn more about the top 5 Assisted Living Researching tips.

1).    Start the process early.

Finding the right place will take time and it is always better to make a decision when you are not in a crisis mode.  Most people would rather not move than go through the ordeal of moving, so it is important to understand that this is process may take some time.

It is also important to recognize that many people have preconceived thoughts about what an assisted living facility is like and feel if they are not living at home, they will be  as losing their independence.  Amazingly, people actually gain more independence since they are burden with household responsibilities and have access to social activities, dining, transportation and  on-site health care services.

2).   Utilize the services of an expert.

Attempting to do this alone is not a wise idea. Utilizing the services of a professional who is familiar with all the options in the area and can help streamline the process will not only make the process easier, it will reduce your stress and help you make a better, well-informed decision.  Be careful of online internet search providers, which will come up high on your Google searches.  These companies advertise free advice, however they rarely know anything about the places they are recommending.  Once you fill out their online, be ready to be immediately bombarded with phone calls.  In addition, all of your contact information is now their property and they will sell it to third party vendors, like medical alert companies, hearing aid businesses and even cremation companies.  More phone calls!

There is a better way.  Utilizing a senior housing advisor in your local area, such as Senior Housing Solutions will provide personal, concierge-level referral services for you.  We are familiar with all the options in the area and stay current on availability, pricing, staff turnover and health care surveys.  Our services are provided at NO COST to our clients and your information is always maintained with the highest level of confidentiality.  We are knowledgeable, compassionate and resourceful when you need it the most.  Our proven process helps you every step of the way.  For more information, go to: 

3).   Know about the different types of assisted living licenses.

Many people do not know that there are different types of assisted living licenses which impacts what and what not an assisted living facility can provide to you.  The last thing you want to do is move twice, so it is important to know everything up-front.  Licenses vary from state to state. In Florida, there are Standard, Extended Congregate Care (ECC) and Limited Nursing Services (LNS) assisted living licenses. A good resource is the Agency for Health Care Administration for the State of Florida

4).   Understand the terms of the contract.

Reviewing the contract terms is an important step in the overall process of researching an assisted living facility.  What services are included and what are extra?   Knowing about the additional fees, including charges for levels of care, will help you make a well-informed decision.  You might want to consider utilizing your attorney to review the contract so you are familiar with all the terms and conditions.

5).   Be realistic about your expectations.

Moving to an assisted living facility will be an adjustment.  Your ‘new normal’ will take some time to get used to.  Understanding this on the front end will help you.  If you are a couple, it is always better to move together so you can make friends and get settled together.   If you are single  you will have an opportunity to meet many new people and it won’t take long for you to find your niche.   Keep in mind that nothing is ever perfect.  Be  patient and understanding to the staff and you’ll see that most issues can be resolved, however if problems continue, it might be necessary to speak up.   If you feel you’ve made the wrong decision,  it is better to seek an alternative living arrangement rather than sticking with something that is isn’t the right fit.

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