The Role of a Senior Housing Advisor

The Role of a Senior Housing Advisor

Do you handle your legal affairs without consulting with your attorney?  Do you file your own tax returns without consulting with your CPA?  Do you handle your financial matters […]


Top 5 Assisted Living Researching Tips

Assisted Living Researching Tips

Researching an Assisted Living Facility is a difficult and complicated process.  The decision to move involves many factors including financial, lifestyle and health care needs and preferences.  In addition, the emotional factor […]


Baby Boomers considering senior living communities

Baby Boomers considering senior living retirement communities

As a Senior Housing advisor, I meet many people considering a move to a senior living community.  Interestingly, I’ve noticed a trend.  Younger people (baby boomers) are considering a […]


Top 10 Senior Housing Researching Tips

Senior Housing Researching Tips

Selecting a senior living community is a complicated process.  Here are the top 10 senior housing researching tips.

1).   Consult with a senior housing advisor.   Make your life easier by consulting with […]


Neglected by a facility

Neglected by a Facility

A True Story

Recently, one of my clients engaged our services since she didn’t feel her husband was receiving the proper care at the facility where he was rehabilitating.  This facility is located […]