The Ripple Effect

How will your actions today have an impact on your future?

The other day I was speaking with one of my clients. He shared with me his decision to buy a condo and not pursue senior housing at this time. Even though he has some chronic medical issues, he said he didn’t feel “ready” to make the move.  I asked him what his plans were if his health declined. His answer was typical denial.  “My wife will take care of me when this happens.” “Interesting, I said.” “What will happen if your wife needs care before you do?” “If you pass away, who will take care of her?”  He said they didn’t think about all of this and asked me to stay in touch with them.

Unfortunately, this conversation is not uncommon.  The idea of moving from your house to a senior community is not an easy one, however the ‘ripple effect’ of not doing it a has dramatic impact on you and your spouse’s future.  Many of you know my expression about being 5 years too early rather than 5 minutes too late.  Throughout my career, I have helped hundreds of families with this decision.  99% of the time, my clients tell me, “Best decision we made, we only wished we would have made it sooner.”  The underlying reason people say this is now they have peace of mind for the future.  They have a plan in place to protect each other and your family.

In a recent USA Today article, the US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy warns against the harmful effects of loneliness. This includes depression, dementia, heart disease, obesity, and substance abuse disorders.  Click here for the entire article.  Life at a senior living community is far from boring and is an excellent way to avoid the pitfalls of loneliness.  On-site social programs provide a way to connect with other people.  Dining is not only important nutritionally, but also an opportunity to extend your social connection to be with friends and new acquaintances.  Studies have shown that you overall well-being will improve by living at a senior living community.

So, instead of saying you’re “not ready,” maybe it is time to embrace this new chapter and creates a positive ripple in your life.

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