Locally Owned and Operated

Senior Housing Solutions is locally owned and operated.   We have been proudly serving Lee and Collier counties since 2008.  Being locally owned and operated, what does this mean to you?

Firsthand knowledge

One of the most important aspects of being locally owned and operated is our firsthand knowledge of all the senior living communities in the area. We make it our passion to get to know each community in the area so we can provide you with expert advice on which community best fits your needs, lifestyle and finances.  We stay current on pricing, availability, operational and staffing issues as well as trends in the market place. Yes, you can try to do it on your own, however wouldn’t it better to make one phone call and find the right solution? Being a qualified resource to you is our core mission.

Quality reputation

Our reputation is everything to our business. Since 2008, we have established ourselves in the local community as a qualified and trusted resource.  We are not a franchise and are not controlled by any outside influences. We build trust with our clients and from that relationship, we grow our business through referrals.  We also partner with other quality businesses in the area and support them in their efforts.  In fact, our online Eldercare Directory is a free resource for people looking for reputable businesses that we feel comfortable recommending to you.

We live here

We are residents of SWFL and are familiar with the wonderful lifestyle in our area.  We dine at the same restaurants as you and play golf and tennis at similar clubs that you belong.  We watch our amazing sunsets and walk on our beautiful sandy beaches. We attend the same cultural events as you and participate in local charities and religious events along with you. Our parents and our friends live in this area too.  We understand why you enjoy this lifestyle and want to maintain it.

Personally, I have lived in this area since 1992 and Peggy has lived here since 1974. I am a native Floridian and a graduate of Florida State University. My dad was one of the first men to attend FSU (which was originally a college for women).  I have a unique connection with our Florida history and a special appreciation for the Florida nature and ecosystem.


Dear to my heart is our desire to give back to the community.  During Hurricane Irma, I personally volunteered with Operation BBQ Relief and served over 126,000 meals to people in need to people in our area and in Keys. We are active in our places of worship and donate either monetarily or with our time to many worthwhile causes in the local area. Being community-minded is who we are. It defines our character and provides a solid foundation with the people we serve.

Advocate for area seniors

As an advocate for local area seniors, I have served on the board of Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida, Jewish Family Services, Napes Interagency Council and the Retirement Housing Council for the State of Florida.

We are proud to support the many seniors and their families in the area and look forward to building even stronger ties in the greater community in the future.