Neglected by a facility

Neglected by a facility

Neglected by a Facility

A True Story

Recently, one of my clients engaged our services since she didn’t feel her husband was receiving the proper care at the facility where he was rehabilitating.  This facility is located in SWFL and is managed by a national company.

As part of our service, I visited this gentleman to determine what his needs were and what services weren’t being provided.  Immediately, when I walked into his room, I noticed an unusual smell.  I also noticed that my client was wearing a large demobilizing ankle boot.   After further discussion, we found out that the facility was not removing his boot and the smell was actually, decaying flesh.  This gentleman had a serious, untreated wound that went unnoticed and untreated by the facility.  He had been severely neglected by the facility,  911 was immediately called and my client was rushed to the emergency room of the hospital.

Left unnoticed, this serious inflection could have been much worse.  A long road of recovery is still necessary for my client.

A complaint notice was filed with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) against the facility and yes, he is currently residing at a different facility we located for him.  The wife, the husband and the family were extremely grateful that we were to there to help them.

We are in your corner

I am sharing this story since it is important to understand how invaluable our services are and to emphasize the importance of having an advocate in your corner.  Many of the facilities provide very good care, however there are few that don’t.  Yes, all the glossy brochures paint a wonderful picture about the wonderful lifestyle and the compassionate care of the staff. Wouldn’t you want to know the inside scoop about each of the facilities should a loved one need assistance?

Our client was so grateful that we were involved and knew that if we weren’t there, the situation would have been much worse.  We could be the difference between receiving good care or be neglected by the staff of a facility.

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