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The  National Association of Senior Advocates is a Professional Organization of Business and Professionals who Specialize
in the Unique Needs of Older Adults

Our Mission:  Advocate for Older Adults and the Ethical Professionals Who Work with Them

Our Goal: Stop scams, fraud and unethical business practices targeted at all consumers, especially older adults, via our social platforms and our network of vetted professionals and businesses.  We want to ensure consumers also have a reliable, nationwide network of vetted businesses and professionals who they can rely on and purchase from with confidence.

NAOSA is the first organization to bring together professionals from multiple industries who are mutually bound by a higher standard of business conduct, the National Association of Senior Advocates Gold Standards of Professional Practice™ 

The NAOSA Gold Standards go above and beyond many legal and professional organization requirements, demanding one simple business practice; do what is right for the consumer, young or old.

NAOSA Members Operate at a Higher Standard

The National Association of Senior Advocates is the first organization that has defined what industry insiders already know to be unethical business practices in their various industries. Although these practices are often times legal, NAOSA industry experts agree that they are not in the best interest of consumers.

Caveat Emptor (“Buyer Beware”), the current legal standard for many professions, is not in our members’ standard operating procedures. The question: “Is this in the best interest of my client?” is the standard under which our members operate.

All NAOSA members are vetted prior to acceptance. The vetting process includes a background check, license verification, agreement to uphold the National Association of Senior Advocates Gold Standards of Professional Practice™ as well as an online review check via various online consumer review websites and industry specific sources. Members in violation of our standards are subject to membership revocation.

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Years in business : 6

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