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ASA brings together leaders from the business, academic, government and nonprofit communities in aging. To unite, empower and champion our members, we have committed to the following strategic plan and priorities:

Our Strategic Plan

Approved in 2019, our five-year strategic plan was devised to ensure ASA’s impact on optimizing the quality of life for older adults in America. By 2024, ASA will continue to lead the field of aging, institute stronger diversity, equity and inclusion practices, expand our membership and launch our policy and advocacy efforts.


ASA will cultivate and strengthen the skills of leaders in aging.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

ASA will implement a diversity, equity and inclusion vision for its board, staff and membership, and achieve recognition as the go-to resource and leading repository of expertise for both professionals and organizations.


ASA will build a modern and sustainable membership model that supports ongoing engagement, while expanding the field of aging.


ASA will expand member engagement in policy development and advocacy and significantly strengthen ASA’s role and voice as one of the country’s leading aging sector advocates.

Our Strategic Priorities

ASA’s work is framed around five priorities: Ageism & Culture, Economic Security, Innovation & Social Impact, Health & Well-being and Equity & Justice. ASA’s programs are designed to promote actionable change in each of these areas individually, and as they intersect.

Ageism & Culture

Exploring cross-cultural views on aging, portrayals of aging at the individual, community and national levels, reframing how we talk about aging and older people, shifting representations of aging in media, and promoting representation in the arts

Economic Security

Examining the longevity economy, education and training opportunities across the life course, work and retirement structures, economic instability, healthcare costs and aging-in-community

Equity & Justice

Promoting elder justice, social movements, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and the exploration of intersections between aging and racism, homophobia, gender-based or religious discrimination

Health & Well-Being

Exploring systems of care that address social determinants of health, mental health parity and outcomes, spiritual well-being, the role of technology and macro-issues such as climate change and immigration

Innovation & Social Impact

Highlighting age-friendly initiatives, design thinking, technology connecting people of all ages, innovations in service delivery, and public-private-partnerships to improve our lives as we age

Equity in Aging

Since our inception, ASA has believed in an inclusive, equitable world for people of all ages. As our country is growing older, we are also growing more diverse. In fact, older people are the most diverse segment of our population, with preferences, needs, and assets shaped by lifetimes of experiences. And, within 15 years, this highly diverse group will outnumber children under 18 for the first time, according to the US Census Bureau.

This makes the fight against discrimination and bigotry in all its forms including ageism, racism, ableism and heterosexism all the more urgent.

ASA is strengthening our commitment to weaving equity throughout our programs and our organizational structure, elevating voices that have historically been underrepresented and suppressed, and inspiring members to take growing action towards inclusivity.

ASA is:

  • Investing in diversity, equity, and inclusivity training for all staff and board members.
  • Proud of our historical commitment to maintaining a diverse board of directors, while intentionally recruiting new board members to ensure fuller representation.
  • Designing year-round educational programs, On Aging Collaboratives, and On Aging conference tracks that tackle inequality, social justice, and inclusivity.
  • Building new, practical On Aging Toolkits and Briefs to inspire action towards equity.
  • Launching advocacy initiatives to help members learn about and organize around equity.

There is much work to be done. We want to learn from you and with you.


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